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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it's being called a game changer. tonight, a look at a new move by homeland security at our ports. plus -- little league glory. we talk to the only other bay area team to win the title since 1947. dozens hit the streets, calling for an end to the violence. good evening, everyone. caught in the cross hairs. san jose police say a man with
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no gang ties was shot in a gang-related shooting in east san jose tonight. the victim was shot in the leg outside his home while gang members were chasing down their intended targets. he is expected to survive. the shooting happened as people and politicians fed up with the spike in deadly violence were wrapping up a peace march. jean elle is live with more on the march and the efforts to restore peace. >> reporter: people here in san jose are responding to recent violence by coming together. they're coming here to church to pray and hitting the streets, calling for peace. >> he got killed by gang violence, both of them. >> reporter: remembering friends killed in san jose, 17-year-old stephanie ochoa is wearing a memorial shirt for her friend, alfredo. others are wearing a shirt for fernando hernandez, both victims of gang violence in san jose. >> hard seeing so many people we know pass away. >> reporter: ochoa and dozens of
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others prayed for peace tonight in san jose. responding to seven homicides in eight days. the community is asking for peace. ♪ marching through east san jose where violence touches so many families, ochoa says it feels like the gangs are in charge here. >> we're not really safe, but we stay home. i'm not affiliated with them. >> reporter: while the community organizes, politicians are debating solutions. some city council members want the department to call in help, so officers can focus on suppressing the violence. >> we've had a rough, difficult week. >> reporter: but the chief says his department is getting a handle on the spike. >> seriously consider taking help from either the state with the chp or other agencies when they offer it. >> there are folks as we speak that are causing problems.
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>> reporter: groups are promising to maintain a peaceful presence. >> this is the first of many. the way i look at it, you have eight homicides, we're calling for eight marches. >> reporter: fed up with funerals and fear, many are desperate for a solution. >> i just want this to stop already. >> reporter: police chief chris mohr is holding a news conference tomorrow, addressing his strategy to end the spike in violence. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. the family of a man killed inside a san jose safeway store was telling us the attack was random. the suspect, 27-year-old michael paul howard, remains behind bars tonight. police arrested him on tuesday. the victim was 24-year-old juan munoz. he stopped at the supermarket on his way home from work when he
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was killed. police ruled out gang activity as the motive. the suspect was supposed to be in court today on an unrelated charge. that hearing has been put on hold. former san jose police chief joseph mcnamara is sounding off on the spike in violence. >> this problem that is tearing the city apart right now has nothing to do with chief moore. it has to do with the economy, with the politics of the past. >> you'll hear what else the man considered to be one of the best chiefs in department history has to say coming up in about ten minutes. two men, one beaten, the other shot four times at last summer's 49ers/raiders preseason game are suing. they have filed a lawsuit against the 49ers, nfl and candle stick parking lot security. they claim the league, the team and security did not do their part to keep fans safe. developing story in the world of sports tonight. lance armstrong will be stripped
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of all seven of his tour de france titles. here with more is mindy book. >> reporter: tonight, a lifetime of achievements could be gong. lance armstrong made it clear, he's not admitting guilt, but earlier tonight he announced "enough is enough" and said he would no longer fight the doping charges against him levied by the u.s. anti-doping agency. armstrong's decision means he will be stripped of his seven titles and all other titles and earnings and be banned from cycling for life. it is possible the international cycling union could appeal on his behalf, but armstrong continues to point out he never tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. he says he just wants to devote more time to family and his foundation for cancer survivors. but what surprises many, he's fought so much. they are somewhat surprised he's giving up this fight, as well. >> thanks so much, mindy. in other news, the little
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baseball stars are heading to the u.s. championship game at the little league world series. there was no doubt about it. this grand slam pave them the 5-0 lead in the first inning and they never looked back. umpires called the game in the fifth inning because of the mercy rule. they won 11-1. and there was joy all over the up to today, fans packing bars and a movie theater where the game was aired. if the team goes all the way, they wouldn't be the first bay area team to do it. george kiriyama watched the game with a player from the 1962 world series champion team. >> reporter: it was fun, very fun. the dream begins on a baseball diamond like this one, and as you said, 50 years ago, a little league team from san jose came back home world champs and tonight we talked with a member of that team. you better leave he's pulling
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for them to go all the way. as they continue its amazing run in the little league world series, phil cagle knows what it feels like. >> just throwing the ball and playing baseball. we were so focused and that's what i remember about being back there. >> reporter: 50 years ago, they became the first and only bay area team to win the little league world series. phil played first base. >> over the years, it's become more and more meaningful to me to think, how many people in the world are world champions? >> reporter: he has a scrapbook of memories. >> i was on the airplane coming back as world champions. >> reporter: old newspaper clippings and team photos. autographed baseballs and even his old jacket, which still fits. >> a little tight. >> reporter: he says it feels just like yesterday he was on the baseball diamond.
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>> it's hard to imagine it could have possibly been 50 years that have gone by. >> reporter: not only did this san jose team win, they dominated. and in the final game, 6'2", yes, 6'2" ted campbell threw a no-hitter, beating kankakee, illinois 3-0. the boys from san jose were on top of the world. >> tears started coming down my eyes. i couldn't hold back that, you know, that emotion of, we've come this far. >> reporter: he says it's time for another bay area team to feel little league glory. >> so we're rooting for them. that would be great to see them win this year. >> reporter: and phil cagle and others from that 1962 team will be in williams port this weekend as part of the 50th anniversary of their win and hope their presence will inspire the team to come home with the world title. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> that is a great story and some great photographs.
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thanks, george. now to the latest on the court battle between apple and samsung. tonight, a south korean court ruled the world's two largest smartphone makers infringed on each other's patents when making their mobile devices. the court ordered a ban on the sale of some of apple's ipads and iphones, as well as some samsung devices in south korea. the lawsuit is part of a global fight between the two companies, including in san jose where a decision is expected any day now. her acquittal stirred up controversy and anger. tonight, casey anthony is enjoying her first hours of complete freedom. sexual assault in a park. see the evidence police hope will lead them to a suspect. fighting terror in our ports. a look at new homeland security technology. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. we are tracking plenty of fog and drizzle tonight that could leave us with airport delays up
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to at least one hour. otherwise in the south bay, we'll start with temperatures in the 50s with a little cloud cover. back with your forecast after this. ♪ ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. [ man ] at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams
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is now deliciously real. [ female announcer ] and now, try our new chocolate chip cookie 90 calorie brownie. new tonight at 11:00, she's a freedom, but what casey anthony plans to do with the rest of her life remains a mystery. anthony's probation officially ended tonight. she was acquitted of murdering her daughter last summer but ordered to serve a year's probation for an earlier check fraud conviction. anthony's trial in the 2008 death of her daughter captured national headlines. her attorney says she has serious concerns about her
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safety and whether she can rebuild her life. a look tonight at a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a park. investigators found his baseball hat near the crime scene, but no sign of him. the attack happened on sunday. the victim said she noticed someone followed her and tried to get away. she was attacked and robbed. neighbors who live around the park are worried. >> this is a really family oriented area and there's always kids out playing. it's just a safe place, so it surprises me that would happen here. >> take a look at the suspect's sketch again. anyone with information is asked to call police. in the midst of escalating violence and political turmoil, san jose's embattled police chief is getting support from joseph mcthat mara. he ran the department 20 years ago and survived a note of no confidence and is considered one of the best chiefs in the department's history.
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he insists moore's officers should not blame him for the police crisis. >> privately, i can tell you he feels these cuts have been disastrous for the police department. but it's not up to him, it's up to the people that get elected to decide how many cops there are. >> he also gave his opinion about the idea of bringing the chp in to patrol the city. he said it's not a solution but more of a distraction. a possible easy target for terrorists. millions of cargo containers are unloaded each year at american sea ports, providing countless opportunities to unleash a weapon of mass destruction. congress passed a law five years ago mandating that by july 2012, all maritime cargo bound for the u.s. must be scanned before loaded on ships. but nothing has been done. however, breakthrough technology is about to be tested that could
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mean much better security for bay area ports. >> reporter: it's amazing science. researchers found a way to detect subatomic particles from space. they can penetrate into containers and show us what's hidden inside. terrorists have become creative, hiding explosives in shoes, printer cartridges, even underwear. many lawmakers won't even talk about the threat involving our ports. more than 2.3 million containers enter the port of oakland each year. experts say cargo containers arriving on ships from foreign ports offer terrorist ss a troj horse to attack the united states. >> if it arrived in a u.s. port like oakland or l.a., long beach or new york, would we spot it? the answer right now is the odds
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aren't good. >> reporter: he says ports are a major weak spot in homeland security. >> we very much needed a breakthrough technology to get to this problem. it's a huge challenge. >> reporter: but there is hope in a new technology. scientists have figured out how to utilize particles from space. they rain down on earth naturally. we get hit by them every day. they're natural, harmless, but they're also key in detecting hidden cargo. >> they are extremely reliable, almost 100% reliable. and there's nothing like it and it's ground breaking technology, and really is a game changer in terms of security. >> reporter: a company has developed a way to see them. there are no harmful side effects on people or products. x-rays can be harmful to people and ruin food. they cannot be used to screen
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containers carrying anything we eat. but these can. >> for feed for people, when we scan trucks with cargo containers, the driver doesn't get out of the vehicle. there's no risk to anybody. >> reporter: the screenings only take a few seconds and show much better detail than x-rays. >> this technology picks up and creates a very interesting image. >> reporter: the need for protection goes beyond sea ports. experts fear a device could enter through airports, even train tracks. >> this not only detects what has previously been undetectible, but casts a wider net. in other words, if the driver is in a truck at a dock and is being screened, currently the driver now has to leave. well, he could be carry thing stuff with him. >> reporter: scientists tested
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this for the first time last week in the bahamas. cargo trainers are loaded under the truck which stop under the scanner. the hope now is it can be installed around the globe. >> the system will go into any place, a port, railroadnfaa?mz crossing, without corrupting the flow of commerce and fits into the operational concepts. >> reporter: the next big issue is cost. e thinks every port in the world could be fitted with the technology for about $1.5 billion total. and most of that cost could be absorbed by the companies doing business in the ports. >> we could do this globally for about $10 a container. >> reporter: the test went very well. in fact, experts tell me that by the end of the year, a simple software upgrade will make it
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able to content conventional drugs and bombs. chick-fil-a opened to an eager creed with controversy on the side. demonstrators rallied outside the restaurant's new north first location, upset with an interview done by chick-fil-a's president last month which he said he opposes same-sex marriage. the protest, though, didn't keep chick-fil-a lovers from waiting in long lines as you can see, to get their hands on these sandwiches. future locations include walnut creek and nevado. it's called nascar on the water and it's an amazing sight to see. the first america's cup world series got under way in the san francisco bay as thousands of fans crowded the marina green shoreline. the two oracle team usa catamarans raced well and both advanced to the semifinals. they're racing 45 foot
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catamarans, the prototype boats for the 72 footers that will race next summer. from the water to the red carpet tonight, you are looking at the gala celebrating the kickoff of the america's cup world series. te vent hosted by our very own raj mathai. the lieutenant governor was also a major part of tonight's event. he alongside sirri russell koot and others welcomed the guests. >> a lot of doubters in the process. i've been reading the newspapers like everybody else. here we are and this thing is real. >> you can watch the finals of the america's world cup series right here on nbc bay area. all the fun gets started sunday at 11:30 a.m. jeff ranieri was out there and the fog was in and it's getting thick. >> it is.
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a lot of drizzle out there, maybe some airport delays in the morning. that's what the boaters like for part of the day. that fog gets the winds going. so more of that america's cup world series forecast coming up. right now, temperatures in the 50s at the coast, enough to squeeze out all the available moisture. it's a little bit of that purple haze out here tonight across downtown. a lot of people in town for this kind of warmup for the america's cup, which will be coming here in 2013. next 48 hours, we have a lot of storm activity building out in the aleutian islands. it would be possible for us to get a little bit of that in terms of rainfall. but high pressure is building in offshore, keeping the bulk of the cold air and shower activity off to the north. so for us, this will mean the fog pattern is not going to budge.
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for your tan, not so good the next couple of days. 50s and 60s, fog and drizzle. it will be very scenic and what you think of for san francisco in august. the south bay, instead of 90s like this time last week, more of a smix of 70s and 80s. here's the thing, by 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, we'll have the window of sunshine across the bay. but we'll have it up against the immediate coastline. so expect the fog and remember to bring the layers. low to mid fifts from the north bay to the south bay. livermore, 53. concord 54. daytime highs, a little bit warmer than today. 82 in san jose. 87 in morgan hill. 68 in santa cruz. 76 in palo alto. try valley trapping a little
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heat. 70s for hayward. san francisco in the 60s. 73 in berkeley. oakland expecting 74. the america's cup world series continues on friday, live coverage at 2:00 p.m. on comcast sports net. the forecast is going for more 60s. also winds out of the west-southwest, 10 to 20. could gust higher. so that will be fantastic. at least that wind for the boaters. here's the other thing to watch out for. the courses do not run on a straight path. that's because the boaters are trying to find the best ocean currents and wind patterns as they try to migrate through the course. so if you see boats zigzag like i did today, it's what they should be doing. throughout saturday and sunday, temperatures in the low to mid 80s. we'll have live coverage right here on nbc at 11:00 on sunday. if you can't go down there and take a look, it's your all
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access free pass. >> was it cool? >> it was so cool. i said earlier, it's like you could reach out and touch them. you almost can. >> you've got to check it out. we'll be right back.
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touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. >> that was the celebration from nasa's control room of the rover touching down on mars. today, nasa released this raw footage of the august 5 landing, complete with play by play. you can see the rover racing toward the red planet, dropping 150 meters per second. this video shows the last 2 1/2 minutes before "curiosity" lands on mars. you can find the video on nasa's website. we'll be right back with sports.
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it's an exciting time in the north bay. two wins away, that's how close the bay area is to having another world series title.
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we're talking little league world series. they're on quite a run. they were facing san antonio, texas. the winner will take on tennessee in the u.s. final on saturday. already up 1-0 in the first. make it 5-0 on this grand slam. momma smith is loving every second of that. bottom of the third, smith again. this time a solo shot to left. 10 rbis for smith so far in this series. they win in five innings because of the mercy rule. kim koil is there with much more. >> reporter: no one can accuse the manager of playing favorites. his son has hit three homers and driven in ten runs in the last three games to lead them to the u.s. finals. >> he gives confidence to our pitcher and just makes everything a little easier.
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he's been borrowing a bat, but i don't think that kid is going to get it back. >> i did get my hands out away from my body. so i go up to the plate and swing through it and it's been working out. >> reporter: saturday's game will be a rematch from the boys from tennessee who handed them the their only loss of the tournament last weekend. >> it was kind of nervous, but we started pulling together as a team. >> after the first two games, i don't want to say they were nervous, but it is a big stage and i think they're just kind of locked in a little bit. we talked about taking an approach to the plate. and i think they're really doing that right now. >> reporter: with a win saturday, they will play for the little league world title on sunday. not a bad way to wrap up a summer they'll never forget. i'm kim koil, nbc bay area. not a bad summer at all. the a's lost to tampa 5-0.
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the giants beat the braves 5-2. more news right after the break.
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prince harry's nude photos out of las vegas are apparently good business for america's play ground. las vegas bookings jumped more than 120% sense the prince's photos emerged. so i guess what happens in vegas does not stay in vegas. don't take any nude photos while there. >> no. >> good night. see you tomorrow.
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